Sunday, September 2, 2007

Appendix H: Self Evaluation

Theory- I feel that I have understood the concepts related to the psycho-social variables that contribute to the social self. My examples of theoretical literature through out the essay give a clear indication of my understanding. However, I could have expanded more on the integration of the social self and personal self. I could have identified other psycho-social variables that influence the social self including self schema's and expanding on self concept.

- I felt the research I have done was quite extensive. With the use of journal articles, books and websites I was able to build my understanding. However, theoretical aspects were focused on more by me. Although I found a variety of interesting research relating to the self I did not use them in my essay. This could have been useful in expanding on some of my theoretical concepts.

Written Expression-
Flesch Reading Ease- 38.1
Flesch Kincaid Grade Level- 11.8
Word Count- 1,496

Both my reading ease and grade level could have been improved with shorter sentences and the use of less complex words.

My APA style could be improved within my appendices. I felt I used consistent APA referencing style through the text. I struggle with written expression; however, I tried to keep the paragraphs as short and succinct as possible. My use of headings created flow and structure to a topic which had a variety of fuzzy overlapping concepts. My concept map was not APA format, however, the colours created and indication of the differing levels of concepts.I also don't know if my glossary in the appendices was useful or just confusing (I ended up only placing links on the word only when first mentioned, to reduce confusion with links that lead to other areas).

Online Engagement- I created my blog later in the term, however, once online I made attempts to interact and create blogs regularly. I feel my online engagement with students could be improved by making more meaningful contributions to others blogs. Comments on other peoples blogs can be found on the following links. I enjoyed collaborating and networking with other students.

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