Sunday, September 2, 2007

Appendix G: Social Roles

13 Major Adult social roles in contemparary society defined by James, Witte & Galbraith (2006)

Friend is the interaction with both females and males
with whom one has chosen to spend time and develop a

Spouse/Partner includes activities associated with one’s
marriage or intimate relationship involving both couple
and individual identity.

Kin/Relative role encompasses the relationships and
activities with all relatives other than parents, children,
and spouses.

Learner role activities relate to the acquisition of knowledge
and the development of learning skills.

Daughter/Son is one’s adult relationship and activities
with parents/stepparents or with the spouse’s parents/

Parent includes the relationship and activities relating to
being a father, mother, or stepparent.

Citizen involves community/civic, environmental, political,
patriotic, or volunteer activities related to neighborhood,
town, state, national, or international social issues/concerns.

Home/Services Manager role includes activities involved
in acquiring a place to live, managing ordinary household
tasks, handling financial aspects of living, and performing
as a consumer of various services.

Worker includes activities related to the job for which
one receives pay or still performs although retired.

Leisure Time Consumer includes the activities undertaken
for recreation or diversion during one’s discretionary

Religious Affiliate pertains to participating in religious
activities related to one’s beliefs in a spiritual being(s).

Grandparent role consists of the relationships and activities
related to being a grandparent.

Association/Club Member includes participation and
activities in organized groups, involving social, civic, fraternal,
athletic, patriotic, and/or auxiliary groups.

Taken From-
James, W. B., Witte, J.E., & Galbraith, M. W. (2006). Havighurst’s social roles revisited. Journal of Adult Development, 13(1).52-60.