Sunday, September 2, 2007

Appendix A: Psycho-social Variables that Contribute to the Creation of My Social Self

Click on the concept map to see a larger version.


James Neill said...

I find this perfectly readable on the screen. It is not APA format, but it is an example of acceptable deviation because it conveys information more effectively through its clean style and use of colour.

What software did you use?

Kara said...

Yes I'll work on it a bit more to try and get rid of the shadows.
I just used Microsoft Word 2007 SmartArt Tools. Its fairly good, but it likes to do it's own formatting alot of the time and doesn't like it when you want to do your own thing.

Karen Cirovski said...

Hi Kara,

What a fantastic blog - its really easy to read, flows well and looks highly professional to say the least! Are you sure you're not doing a double degree in Psych/IT Extrordinare degree?


Anonymous said...