Monday, September 24, 2007

SEX and popularity

well I found this little article about sexual experience and popularity. Lauren commented that a lot of the popular people at her school were the more sexually experienced ones. So I thought this research was interesting. Sorry the text isn't that great if you click on the article it should open to a readable size

Hollander, D. (2003). How to win friends? Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 25(5), 200-200


beck1411 said...

Hey Kara,

Not sure if it is of total relevance to you but Difference of opinion on the ABC Thurs 9:30 is dealing with the way children are sexualised in the media, which may in turn help to make these catergories in schools. heres the link to the website
Hopefully it is of some use, I thought it might be cause your topic has so many inmteresting angles.

Good Luck
beck =)

Mrs. Freud said...

Dear Kara, great article for your blog and i agree with the article based on what i told you previously. Furthermore it is also true that the more promiscuous girls were, the less popular they were considered- much like a normal curve isnt it?

Rebekah said...

Hi Kara,
I am loving your topic... it is really interesting.
I really enjoyed the article you posted..

I too believe that the most promiscuous girls are looked upon less favourably..
What to you think about the guys?
From what I have experienced, the guys who had sex first, or received any form or female 'attention' :) were viewed really favourably...

The age old Slut (female) vs Hero/Stud (male).

I am interested to see any research on brains and popularity; sporting ability and popularity and attractiveness and popularity..

Good luck... I will keep your topic in mind as I trawl through all of the attractiveness research papers. xx

Kara said...

Thanx guys for your comments. I love hearing other peoples ideas as it gives me lots of different perspectives not just mine.

Beck I will be sure to watch the show anyway cos its an interesting topic. Thanks for the tip off :)

Hey Lauren, I wondering if risk has anything to do with popularity. hmm I'll be sure to keep an eye out for more information on this area.

Thanks Rebekah, I think the beautiful is good in society is reflected through schools. I agree with you when you say that guys who 'get the girls' are considered most popular.

Anonymous said...